Will Britain’s Prince William/Kate Middleton Wedding Be 2011’s Best-Seller?…


Sounds a bit risky to us. Although the July 1981 wedding of Prince William’s mother Diana Spencer to father Prince Charles set newsstand records at the time for People (not broken until Diana’s tragic death 16 years later, which would stand today were it not for the aftermath from the September 11, 2001, attacks), the royals are coming off a difficult 2010 with the image of demonstrators taunting Prince Charles and second-wife Camilla in their car shown worldwide. But New York-based Euro RSC Worldwide president (since August 2009) Marian Salzman tells min that “the momentum will build as the [April 29, 2011] wedding date nears. Look at all the attention being given to Kate’s hair styles. If 2011 is a ‘status quo’ year with no surprise crises or deaths, the royal wedding will sell best.”

Friday wedding date is not good for People and its competitors, which go to press early in the week. Means a May 18 cover date, though if the anticipation holds, a newsstand-only collectible–especially from People –is likely. Something for managing editor Larry Hackett (who celebrates his fifth anniversary this month) and recently promoted publisher Karen Kovacs to look forward to.

Thirty years ago… People was the only celebrity glossy in its present form. Us Weekly was a biweekly (current owner Jann Wenner then partnered with The New York Times Co.), Star was a tabloid, and OK! (first launched in the U.K. in 1993), InTouch / Life & Style Weekly did not exist.

…And Salzman Says She Nailed Vogue Doing The Best “Reinventing” In 2010

Specifically, says Salzman, Vogue did the best job among upscale fashion magazines in reaching out to the masses without compromising its image. Salzman made the prediction to min on December 14, 2009, and she claims to be proved right by Vogue editor-in-chief (since June 1988) Anna Wintour “tastefully adding ‘nobrow culture’ that reflects this difficult time.” New Wintour rumors percolated pre-Christmas with the surprise departure of French Vogue editor-in-chief (since February 2001) Carine Roitfeld producing denials that Anna will be Paris-bound.

Back to 2011, Salzman forecasts two big trends to be (1) Mad as Hell–and Only Getting Madder, as the U.S. is perhaps at its most politically divided since the Civil War, which will mark the 150th anniversary of the Fort Sumter siege in April; and (2) Bullying. “Society is nastier, and there is a lack of protocol,” she says. “We are going to have to teach young people at a very young age to have thicker skin.”


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