Vogue.com, SportingNews.com and Self.com Lead Y-o-Y Page View Growth Among Magazines

By Steve Smith

This week in min we feature our comprehensive run down of year-over-year growth among magazine Web sites, comparing June 2010 to June 2011 metrics. Most consumer titles enjoyed double digit increases in the last year, but a select few blew the doors off their available ad inventory and page impressions. Below, find our top five page view gainers among sites with 1 million or more unique users.

With a high profile September 2010 re-launch and subsequent extensive coverage of fashion shows and parties worldwide since, Vogue.com finally came into its own in the last year, accruing more than 42 million page views a month, more than a fivefold increase as well as a doubling of audience.

At SportingNews.com (+264.59% Page Views, +386.63% Unique Visitors), it ain’t steroids pumping up the venerable site’s traffic but the publisher’s March 2011 takeover of AOL’s sports news coverage. Going to the "Sports" category at AOL now kicks you over to a TSN-branded destination. The deal included transitioning AOL’s two-year-old standalone sports brand Fanhouse to TSN. In doing this, AOL was signaling in this vertical as well as in others like Health and Real Estate that it would outsource to third parties some of the very content categories it had been building for years and revert to a traditional portal strategy. Of course, this strategy was modified quite a bit when CEO Tim Armstrong decided to buy HuffingtonPost and use that brand as a hub for much of its content. AOL continues to pursue a hyper-local content strategy in its Patch project where neighborhood reporting provides block to block coverage in some areas.

Self.com (+141.16% PVs, +241.76% UVs) continues to grow through its franchise “challenges” to reader. But a large spike in traffic came when the site absorbed the Nutrition Data site, where readers can log and track their dietary habits.

And Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (Kiplinger.com, +191.66% PVs, +71.37% UVs) has enjoyed the success of its own expanded content strategy in the last year. It has been aiming deliberately at younger demographics with longer term financial planning news. The site tells min also that challenging economic times become a source of increased traffic for a site that advises people on preserving and protecting their savings with wise long-term strategies.

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Top 5 Page View Increases, June 2011 Versus June 2010 Digital Media Boxscores*
Media Sites/Parent URL JUN ’11 PV JUN ’10 PV % Diff JUN ’11 UV JUN 10 UV % dIFF Source
Vogue/CN Digital vogue.com 42,688,687 6,289,127 578.77 1,237,353 545,370 126.88 Omniture
Sporting News sportingnews.com 53,750,375 14,742,670 264.59 11,504,173 2,364,048 386.63 Omniture
Self/CN Digital self.com 22,169,934 9,192,971 141.16 2,884,782 844,101 241.76 Omniture
Redbook/Hearst redbookmag.com 22,361,044 10,471,382 113.54 1,729,757 873,633 98.00 Omniture
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance kiplinger.com 16,101,153 5,520,609 191.66 1,810,921 1,056,711 71.37 Omniture

* Including top 5 sites with audiences of 1 million or more