Video: Overall Use of Video


Fast Company – FastCo Studios

In 2014, Fast Company founded FastCo Studios, their video and television arm, with the goal of growing audience with innovative new programming while partnering with great brands for custom content. Launching back in September of 2014, Fast Company has far surpassed their original projections, cementing video as a vital part of their DNA.

With a varied audience of entrepreneurs, industry insiders, design enthusiasts and tech, there was no easy target to hit. This resulted in the decision to try to make each program work on multiple layers, with a top layer that would work for the general public, and a deeper layer that could be enjoyed by the more “hard core” industry people. An example of this strategy is Brand Evolution, which traces the history of advertising of the brand from its inception to today. You can watch the Brand Evolution of McDonald’s just to see the history, or you could read the Pop Up Video-style insider advertising facts for a peek into the inner workings of the strategy behind the campaigns.

Brands immediately noticed the strength of the programming and the original launch was sponsored by Virgin, accompanied by a custom series called Brilliant Minds. Other brands, like Mercedes, Sprinter and Chivas sponsored individual series. HP even hired FastCo to create custom videos for their Matter website – and has renewed the contract three times since. Audience metrics have also skyrocketed, with average watch times more than doubling, social engagement doubling and the top trending articles on are often videos now, rather than articles.


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