Video: Overall Use of Video


Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is focused on continuing to improve the quality of their video production, from conception to execution, to create the best possible viewer experience for each and every video, as well as increase the overall number of videos produced and maximize video traffic. Over the past year, SI has evolved into a dynamic platform with video that’s available and current 24-hours a day, in whatever form a viewer may want.

Videos range anywhere from 7-20 minutes in length an cover a broad spectrum of topic and emotion, following the storytelling tradition that has long been the magazine’s trademark. Over the past year, SI’s feature videos included unprecedented access in following the Marleys home to Jamaica, delving into the lives of homeless teen athletes and more.

In an effort to create a solution for short, digestible videos, they created SI Wire, a service based on finding the most important and interesting stories in sports, and then creating a short video that shows and tells you just the facts you need to know. Videos are produced, from story selection to publishing on the site, in under 30 minutes. They are also built with mobile in mind, with large clear graphics and videos that are rarely longer than 60 seconds in length. Since the launch of SI Wire, there has been a 40% increase in video traffic.


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