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The Hollywood Reporter – Roundtable Series

The annual Oscar and Emmy Roundtables feature the industry’s leading contenders in acting, writing, producing, directing and more. They are one of the brand’s signature features, appearing on the tablet edition and website throughout awards season.

In 2014, A&E partnered with The Hollywood Reporter to broadcast the Roundtables as a series of 60-minute specials in a first-ever collaboration between the network and magazine. The target audience was academy and guild members, and consumers who closely follow the awards season races.

Readers can engaged with the series singly, or serially across various platforms from web galleries and videos to extras on their iPad edition. Fans can sample highlights paired with pictures in their web galleries and also view sizzle videos online. The Roundtables will also be broadcast in December as 60-minute specials.

Last year, THR was able to secure 24 roundtable participants who were honored with nominations at the Academy Awards. The mix of participants reflects the tastes and favorites of the voting bodies from film and TV. THR’s editors and reporters use their deep industry knowledge to ask questions that yield thoughtful answers that move beyond the canned sound bite.

Collectively, the roundtables have garnered millions of video views in 2014, with six Roundtables broadcast nationally on the A&E network. The Roundtable package page on has garnered over 150K pageviews and 40K session in 2014.


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