Use of Social Media

05/11/2015 boasts 8.5 million monthly unique visitors online, and 11 million fans and followers on all social platforms, offering a 360-degree perspective on the readers’ life. On each of the platforms, social media included, the digital brand offers accessible beauty ideas, latest fashion trends, relationship talk and much more.

The brand’s overall social media reach is extensive, engaged and plays an integral role in the storytelling process each day. Social media is at the heart of their editorial mission and vision and in many cases is the reader’s first connection with the Glamour brand. The editorial goals remain the same across all platforms: to create content that resonates with its respective social media audience; to inspire, inform and entertain the follower so they’re compelled to share what they’ve read or seen; and to create a positive and meaningful connection with the Glamour brand that draws the consumer back to them for news, storytelling or just a break in the day.

This year, Glamour worked to ensure their social platforms weren’t just a way of promoting existing content, but also a place for unique content creation from the relaunch of their fashion Tumblr, to the use of Facebook and Instagram to bring Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards home millions of followers both during the event and throughout the week post-event.


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