Use of Social Media


Harper’s Bazaar – Facebook Page strives to drive the conversation about fashion, beauty, celebrity and culture all day, ever day, wherever their readers are. The Facebook page serves as an important tool to promoting content and providing readers with up-to-the-minute reporting on the stories driving these industries. The timeliness is reflected in the website’s continued success and Facebook page growth.

The brand posts between 250-320 times per week – which translates to 25-35 times per day, with more posts on the weekdays than weekend. They began experimenting with their Facebook use in January 2014 and have seen tremendous growth since expanding their voice and increasing posts. As of November 2014, Harper’s Bazaar was reaching 6 million monthly unique visitors.

Throughout 2014, they concentrated more on the news cycle than ever before, focusing on timely topics that readers want to know about, such as Katy Perry’s latest music video to the Golden Globes nominees as soon as they’re announced. Their social media editor keeps a close eye on Facebook performance non-stop throughout the day, using Chartbeat, a tool that tracks the numbers of users onsite at all times, so they can see exactly how a story is performing immediately after it’s posted to Facebook. From there, the editor decides exactly what story to post next and when. This has resulted in an incredibly active and timely presence for the brand on Facebook. As of November 2015, Harper’s Bazaar’s Facebook traffic is up 1600% YoY and their Facebook fans have increase by 267% YoY, with 2.7 million monthly engagements in November.


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