UBM Launches b2b ‘Marketing-as-a-Service’ DeusM

By Steve Smith

United Business Media is following the user and marketing trends—straight into social media. A newly formed DeusM company from UBM will help marketers create and leverage specialized online communities for their segments.

UBM is using technologies that have already been deployed internally at sites like IBM-sponsored Internet Evolution, Dell-sponsored Enterprise Efficiency and EBN, which boasts multiple sponsorships. The system is called Community in a Box, and includes best practices and a publishing platform designed to reach into social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. UBM dubbed the product "marketing-as-a-service."

One of the tools in the DeusM product line is the TechWeb Social Networking Amplification Program, or SNAP. Here, UBM targets a marketer’s messages to just the right audience by using relevant content to attract just the right users.

Internet Evolution head Stephen Saunders will serve as managing director of DeusM. Saunders was recently named Marketer of the Year at min’s Integrated Marketing Awards event on Sept. 15 (he was a co-winner with Good Housekeeping‘s Renée Lewin).