The Top 10 Monthly Mags of 2009: Meredith Takes the Lead

By Greer Jonas

As December winds down this tumultuous year of 2009, min gift-wraps the top 10 monthlies that did enjoy a positive ad-page gain. To be more precise, the chart below lists the only 10 monthlies that managed to achieve more ad pages in 2009 than 2008 out of the 151 mags that min tracks.

We again take note of Meredith for its success this year, as five of its magazines demonstrated a strategic plan of attracting advertisers to their targeted audience of consumers. Impressive ad-page gains in 2009 found Family Circle  with 179 more ad pages and an 11.5% gain over last year; Fitness (61.55 pages/9.14 % gain); Better Homes & Gardens (34.41 ad pages/2.04% gain); LHJ (37.77 ad pages/3.07% gain); and More (11.20 ad pages/1.24% gain). 

Time Inc.’s StyleWatch, taking second slot in our top chart, has been continually showing monthly hikes in its ad pages. No surprise to see this shopping-crazed mag take a 118.81 ad-page hike in 2009, with a 23.50% ad-page gain compared to last year.

An additional acknowledgement goes to our top 10 of 37 monthly magazines that were up in ad pages for the holiday month of December. Of these, Meredith’s BH&G takes the top slot with 52.25 additional ad pages in Dec. 09. Time Inc.’s Real Simple gained 45.53 ad pages. See the complete 151 monthly chart and analysis in this week’s min.