The New Yorker Launches The Business Pages

By Michelle Manafy

The New Yorker launched a new online hub for business coverage and commentary, The Business Pages, today. It features business content from the magazine, as well as original Web content written by Malcolm Gladwell, James Surowiecki, John Cassidy, Amy Davidson, Ken Auletta, Tim Wu, among others. Xerox is the exclusive launch sponsor of The Business Pages.

Weekly features on the site include “The Idea of the Week,” an infographic visualization of a significant business or financial issue; “The Number,” a deep dive into an economic indicator, data point, or other figure that best captures what’s happening that week; a video series hosted by James Surowiecki, tied to his column in the magazine, The Financial Page; and “How Do They Make Money?,” a series that asks how different people make their livings—from street musicians to shoeshine men to fishermen.

The hub will also provide links to classic New Yorker stories about business. Among the classic The New Yorker stories retrievable is Connie Bruck’s A Mogul’s Farewell (October 18, 1993) on how Steve Ross’ death changed the future of Time Warner.