The Atlantic to Launch TheAtlanticCities.Com in Sept.

By Steve Cohn

The Atlantic, which has been one of the great magazine thought leaders since 1857, will expand its already sizable Web presence with the scheduled Sept. 13 launch of "This will be our first vertical devoted to one topic," says Atlantic Digital editorial director (since 2009) Bob Cohn. "The U.S. has been majority urban for many decades, but the world is only becoming majority urban now. There is plenty about city living that has been underreported. For example, how does exurbia [distant suburbs typically beyond 50 miles from the center city] affect the dynamic?  And do neighborhoods still play a major role in our lives?"

New editor of TheAtlanticCities is Sommer Mathis (pictured), who is ending a stint as Washingtonian online director (she previously was news editor) and will start on July 11. Site will become the primary hub for The Atlantic senior editor Richard Florida, an economist and urban specialist whose March 2009 cover story,  How the Crash Will Reshape America  suggested that one long-term effect from the burst housing bubble and bank failures (Lehman Bros. etc.) that led to the 2008-2009 Wall Street collapse is the end of the great domestic migration to the Sunbelt that has been a phenomenon since World War II. will join, which launched in the early-1990s, and news "synthesizer"


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