Susan Kane Named ‘Success’ Editor-in-Chief

By Steve Cohn

Susan Kane, the National Magazine Award-winning Babytalk editor-in-chief (1998-2008) and Parenting Group editorial director (2008-2010), is switching to personal-finance journalism with her appointment as editor-in-chief of Success. "I was ready for a change," she says. "This is a great opportunity for me." (Kane left the Parenting Group last fall after a restructuring by parent Bonnier Corp.)

Success published throughout most of the 20th century and relaunched as a bimonthly in April 2008 as a unit of Dallas-based direct-marker VideoPlus. Issues usually include what are called CD/DVD "Dual Discs" that carry motivational messages from publisher/editorial director Darren Hardy’s Success Training Network.

Social media played a role in Kane’s hire, because Hardy made the editor-in-chief vacancy known through a LinkedIn posting. More editor-in-chief (since Jan. 2008) Lesley Jane Seymour saw the listing and passed it along to Kane.  "Lesley and I were 1990s’ colleagues at YM," she says. "I pursued it, and I had interviews in New York, Dallas, and in Rochester, N.Y., where Darren was speaking."

Kane’s Success hire means that she, her husband and their two children will be relocating from New York to Dallas.  "It’s not a problem for my husband because his job in printing sales will allow him to work from anywhere," she says. She starts Aug. 15.