Coming to Print, Adding E-Commerce

By Steve Smith

After more than a decade as the lead digital-only fashion brand for Condé Nast and now under the Fairchild Fashion Media, will put its brand on a print magazine in late October, the company announced earlier this week on its Web site and in media interviews. The $4.99 special issue is promising “to combine the immediacy of the digital experience with the richness of print,” according to The magazine will be available shortly after the last fall fashion show ends and will chronicle both the styles as well as the event experience, editor Dirk Standen tells Business of Fashion. “This is 4 weeks, twice a year, with all these people in close proximity under a lot of pressure” he says. “There is a real story to be told that maybe hasn’t been told.”

Just as Fairchild/Condé Nast’s print titles are becoming platform agnostic, so too do the digital-only brands need to expand into traditional venues, Standen says. was among the digital brands created by the company’s Web umbrella CondeNet back in the 1990s. Along with Epicurious. was devised as a standalone business that did not rely on the print identities of Vogue or Gourmet for content or staff. In recent years, however, CN’s approach to these platforms has changed considerably as the magazines have asserted themselves more aggressively on the Web and in apps and the emphasis on a standalone digital strategy diminished. One of the architects of that original model, Sarah Chubb, left her post as the head of Condé Nast Digital earlier this year after more than 20 years with the company.

Standen also revealed that for the first time plans to offer select designer pieces for sale at the site. The e-commerce addition will be announced formally during fashion week and rolled out in the same time frame as the magazine. the limited offer will involve six designers to start, but he expects more e-commerce to emerge at the site over time.

The magazine will be on sale on October 31. Standen is tweeting and answering reader questions about magazine via the #styledotmag has tag.