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The State Of Digital Media Book
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Excerpt from Chapter 2

The State of Digital Media
A Review & Forecast of New Media Activity Among Magazines & Other Media

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In this first of a planned annual series of reports on digital media for the magazine industry, min and paidContent offer this broad, unprecedented look at the state of print brands online, their challenges and their strategies for future growth. 2007 and 2008 promise to be years of tremendous experimentation with a multitude of digital platforms. This report will help magazine brands and other content providers locate their own businesses both within the universe of print brands and among the many media and tech companies that now comprise an expanding digital universe.

Nowhere else will you find the breadth of reporting, data and analysis covering this topic. Coming from the two leading media information sources -- min and PaidContent -- and in partnership with The Jordan, Edmiston Group, The State of Digital Media is the most reliable guide to Web 2.0 success.

Here's what you’ll get in The State of Digital Media:

Chapter 1: Research Findings/Survey
In this first-of-its-kind survey targeting magazine executives, min explores in detail the overall trends for digital investment among the print brands. How much unique content, dedicated staff, and technology innovation are being pointed at digital? Beyond Web sites, what else are magazines exploring on the digital frontier?

Chapter 2: Brand by Brand: Profiles
Every brand serves a different audience in its own way. The strategies and business models for magazine publishers varies widely, and in this section we offer the most comprehensive brand by brand breakdown of twenty major publishing companies and branded Web sites. Through in-depth interviews with chief digital officers, we explore the state of their digital footprint, their level of staffing, business and content models and their plans for the future.

Chapter 3: Digital Boxscores
For over a decade Media Industry Newsletter has tracked month-to-month traffic at consumer and B2B magazine branded Web sites. In this chapter we take a unique look at year-over-year changes to site activity from the lens of a given month. From this perspective we can see overall the kinds of audience reach and ad inventory the print brands command and their general trending over the past year.

Chapter 4: Deals, Transactions & Partnerships:
From venture capital to intriguing partners hips
Digital makes strange (and lucrative) bedfellows. A key growth strategy among the branded media in 2007 will be partnership and acquisition. This section outline the key deals in our space, the web of partnerships that lies behind the Web itself.

Chapter 5: Social Media and UGC: Developments and Implications
Users are not only in control online; they are providing much of the digital world's most popular content. This section explores how social networking and user-generated content is evolving throughout the Web. Where are the models for editorial and business? Who is doing what and how well?

Chapter 6: Key Challenges
Most magazines "get digital" now, but many hurdles remain. We conclude our report with an outline of the key challenges facing most print brands online: video, social media, and emerging platforms. Beyond diagnosing the issues at hand we also focus on magazine brands that are executing viable solutions.

About the Authors:

Steve Smith: Steve Smith writes the biweekly Digital Media Report e-letter and is min/min's b2b digital media editor. He is a longtime scholar and critic of emerging media. Starting as an apprentice advertiser (copy and commercial photography), he veered into scholarships, earning a Ph.D in American Studies at Brown University and teaching media history and criticism for seven years at University of Virginia. Further, his twice-weekly "Mobile Insider" columns at Mediapost have become some of the most widely read analysis on the mobile marketing and content industries.

Rafat Ali: Rafat Ali is editor and publisher of, the award-winning digital media business news and analysis site . He is also the editor of Moco.News, a news site devoted to mobile content. Both of these sites form part of ContentNext, an independent media and information company covering the business of digital media. Prior to this, Rafat was managing editor of Manhattan-based Silicon Alley Reporter," where he covered the Internet and tech sectors. Editor & Publisher has referred to Ali as, "journalism's poster boy for career independence from news companies," and CBS MarketWatch called him "a pioneer in using the Web for an almost real-time business news feed."

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