minsider breakfast with Digitas' Adam Shlachter, Complex Media's Rich Antoniello, OMD Word's Colin Sutton and 360i's Sarah Sikowitz Hite

Digital Advertising: What Marketers and Agencies Want,
and How Media Companies Can Adapt

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What is it?


When: Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013
Time: 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
Where: CUNY The Graduate Center
Skylight Room
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY
Cost: $199 per person

Your front row seat to a unique series of open forum, no-holds-barred discussions between industry experts, each focused around a different, burning topic. Hear first-hand what top media experts are succeeding at, struggling with and envisioning around the corner. An honest, live exposé about the direction of the media industry.

It's easy to be a glass-half-empty person in the digital advertising world. Banner ads are a game of diminishing returns. CPMs are declining. Demand-side platforms (DSPs) let marketers chase people rather than media-made contexts. Classic interruptive ad formats don't always translate well to lean-in platforms. And the trend is towards fast, slim, aggregated, micro-publishing. Advertising continues to lag behind the digital shift, and much of the spend still goes to search and marketing, not display. But the glass may be half-full as well. New business and content models percolate relentlessly.


In the next Breakfast with a minsider series, we follow the online ad money and explore the innovation with two of the best thinkers among the digital agencies as well as top media-company innovators. It's sure to be a no-holds-barred conversation about the digital media-buying landscape, and who's doing what that works.


Colin Sutton
US Director
OMD Word

Adam Shlachter
SVP Media Strategy

Rich Antoniello
Complex Media
Sarah Sikowitz Hite
Vice President, Group Media Director

You'll learn:

  • How the evolving structure of separate digital and print agencies affects spending decisions.
  • What marketers expect from their partners in the advertising economy - both the agencies and the media companies.
  • Some of the smartest integrated packages being implemented in magazine-based media.
  • How publishers are leveraging their own data to create new profit centers online.
  • How both buyers and sellers manage the increased importance of demand side platforms and automated ad buying/selling.
  • The agency perspective on a smart sales meeting.
  • The importance of engagement in media buying.
  • Measurability and ROI.
  • Integration of social into media buying.
  • Smart tactics for advertising on mobile devices.

Join Colin Sutton, Adam Shlachter, Rich Antoniello and Sarah Sikowitz Hite on February 20th for a spirited Q&A.

Questions? Contact Marly Zimmerman at mzimmerman@accessintel.com or 301.354.1703.

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