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For subscribers only: We have compiled for min, min's b2b and minonline subscribers downloadable resources and guidelines intended for use by publishers, salespeople, editors, media partners and freelancers. The Media Resources HQ will be continually expanded; please let us know what other resources you would like to see added.

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Magazine Publisher Information
min's Consumer Magazine/Publisher Directory

Digital Advertising Resources
• min's Internet Revenue Potential Worksheet
• min's Glossary of E-Media Terms
• IAB Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats
• IAB Ad Unit Guidelines
• IAB Digital Video Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines
• IAB Standard Terms and Conditions for Internet Advertising
• IAB Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines

Magazine Advertising Research

• MPA Magazine Handbook
• MPA Mythbuster Report
• MPA Marketing Mix Modeling and Media Inputs Report
• AAAA/ABM's Standardized Request for Proposal Form

Editorial and Social Media Policy Guidelines
• ABM's Editorial Code of Ethics
• Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation
• Sample Social Media Guidelines

Freelancers' Resources
• National Writers Union Digital Bill of Rights
• Freelancers Copyright Guide
• Standard Freelance Journalism Contract
• Primer: Negotiating Contracts Over the Phone
• W-9 Taxpayer ID Form