min's Internet Sales Guidebook

Internet Sales Guidebook
Selling, Managing and Marketing Web 3.0 Media Brands

By Daniel Ambrose, in collaboration with min

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min’s first annual Internet Sales Guidebook is designed for magazine teams that know there’s more to learn about online sales and marketing. They want to display the best practices of online marketing and sales and know there’s more revenue to be had from their online properties. This guidebook is your blueprint for driving more revenue online. Some chapters go back to basics, because we’ve found that some of the core sales techniques have been lost over the years. Other chapters go deep into one area of Internet Sales and require you to please turn off all electronic devices and concentrate.

We’ve partnered with Daniel Ambrose, one of the magazine industry’s most talented sales coaches, to bring you this unique guidebook. A veteran magazine publishing executive who is now Managing Director of ambro.com, Dan has held high level positions with Hearst, Ziff Davis, Child magazine, Cahners Consumer Magazines (and TV) Division and others. At Hearst, he helped create the first Electronic Rate Card, on computer disk, which was used by advertising mediaplanners to instantly price Hearst Magazine packages. Later, he consulted on the founding of About.com, iVillage, MediaBistro and Beliefnet.com, among hundreds of other assignments.

This book is packed with best practices, important strategies and simple tips, that will enable you to profit immediately and grow your online profit quickly. You can build profit now without complex and time-consuming technical development. You’ll learn how to price online for a profit, and how to build content frequency cost effectively. You’ll learn how you can use the Yahoo Principle (that Google copied), and how to use your limited page views as an asset rather than a liability. You will learn from both business-to-business and consumer media examples.


Chapter 1: The Rules of the Online Ad Sales Game

  • What Publishers Hate About Publishing On the Internet
  • Speed, Frequency, Freshness
  • The Rules of the Competition
  • The Yahoo Principle
  • A Lesson from a Successful Internet Media Competitor

Chapter 2: Hybrid Media: Selling Your Print and Online Together

  • Surround Sound Media
  • How Competing Against Yourself on the Internet Helps You
  • Why Advertisers Want the Print + Online Package
  • Selling Hybrid Advertising Packages

Chapter 3: Internet Publishing Basics

  • The Business Model
  • Unique Users - Visits - Page Views and Earning Revenue
  • Basics of Site and Page Design
  • Basic Packaging and Selling Advertising
  • What About Sponsorships?

Chapter 4: Online Advertising Best Practices

  • Advertising Sales
  • What to Know About Standard Units
  • The Best Advertising Packages
  • Advertising Agreements
  • Optimizing a Campaign
  • Per-Click Revenues
  • Optimizing Revenue

Chapter 5: Creating Revenue Through Content and Traffic

  • Content + Traffice
  • Navigation is Key
  • Managing (and organizing) your Content
  • Where Your Traffic Originates
  • About Search Engines
  • Marketing to Build Traffic

Chapter 6: Internet Publishing Infrastructure

  • Systems for Success
  • Site Organization, Content Strategies and CMS
  • Advertising Systems
  • In-House or Third-Party Systems
  • Email
  • Measurement
  • About the “Metrics Wars”
  • Third-Party Server Tracking Systems
  • Ad-Spending Measurement/Tracking Services

Chapter 7: Beyond The Banner

  • Alternatives for Advertisers
  • Rich Media
  • Sponsorships
  • Text Ads
  • Video
  • Webinars
  • White Papers and Specialized Content Giveaways
  • Co-Registration
  • Affiliate Revenue Links

Chapter 8: Video

  • The Big Picture for Advertisers
  • Video Ad Formats
  • Video Pricing Models
  • What Is the Right CPM?
  • Video Delivery Mechanisms

Chapter 9: Selling Social Media

  • It’s About Driving Your Page Views
  • What Is Social Media?
  • Why Do You Need Social Media?
  • Competing on the Internet
  • Succesful Social Media Strategies for Magazine Publishers

Chapter 10: Managing And Selling Internet Advertising

  • The Mechanics of Selling Internet and Hybrid Packages
  • Prospecting and Planning for Sales Calls
  • Information Resources for Advertiser Contacts
  • The Pitch
  • Proposing and Negotiating
  • Sales Management
  • Hybrid Sales Staff
  • Managing Sales
  • Hiring

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