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Entry Deadline: March 7
Final Deadline: March 27

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Recognizing outstanding media sales performance, min's Sales Executive
of the Year Awards salutes those in the trenches, selling the print, online,
on-air and multiplatform programs and creating a winning proposition for both the advertiser and the media brand. Whether selling in a challenging or booming market, the winners will be the ones running circles around their peers, the ones who can sell well and better than the rest. 

Who Should Enter?

This awards program is open to media sales and business development executives, account managers and leaders whose primary responsibility is to sell ad space or sponsorship programs for a media brand or to lead a team of salespeople. It is open to all sales/business development job titles — from Account Executive to Vice President, from Publisher to Sales Director.

Eligibility Requirements:

   â–   Entries must be related to the selling period of January 2013 to March 2014.
   â–   The awards are open to any media company professional who is involved at least part time
        in sales or sales management.
   â–   Outside contract sales executives are eligible.
   â–   The Awards are open to sales executives at media companies worldwide, as the criteria for sales
       excellence is universal.

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Hall of Fame

Open to currently working and retired executives. A Hall of Fame award is bestowed upon an executive who has grown through the sales ranks to the level of President, VP, Director, Publisher, etc; one whose name speaks to his or her excellent reputation in driving revenue and relationships; who has earned the respect of his or her peers and of the advertising community. Several Hall of Fame Awards will be bestowed.

Hall of Fame nominees should demonstrate a career “lifetime” of sales success, not just in the 2013 selling period.

Salesperson of the Year

Qualifying titles include but are not limited to Account Executive, Sales Executive, Business Development Manager, Publisher & Associate Publisher.

(each category below will be judged separately and receive separate awards)

  • Digital & Web Advertising - B2B
  • Digital & Web Advertising - Consumer
  • Events
  • Mobile (apps, iPads) - B2B
  • Mobile (apps, iPads) - Consumer
  • Multiple Titles - B2B
  • Multiple Titles - Consumer
  • Pureplay
  • Rep-Firms
  • Single Title Circ over 50k -B2B
  • Single Title Circ under 50k - B2B
  • Single Title Circ under 250k - Consumer
  • Single Title Circ over 250k - Consumer

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Sales Team Leaders

Team connotes at least 2 salespeople and one team leader. Qualifying titles include but are not limited to Sales Director, Publisher, Group Publisher, General Manager, Director, President & CEO. "Leader" must be someone that has sales staff oversight.

(each category below will be judged separately and receive separate awards):

  • Total Integrated Program - B2B
  • Total Integrated Program - Consumer
  • Multiple Magazine Titles - B2B
  • Multiple Magazine Titles - Consumer
  • Single Magazine Title - B2B
  • Single Magazine Title - Consumer
  • Web & Mobile - B2B
  • Web & mobile - Consumer

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Sales Team of the Year

Team connotes at least 2 salespeople and one team leader.
(each category below will be judged separately and receive separate awards):


  • Agency's Choice
  • B2B
  • Consumer
  • Events
  • Tradeshows

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Sales Assistant of the Year

Open to sales staff members currently in an overall supporting role. This person is directly involved in driving sales and contributes to meeting revenue goals.  Titles include but are not limited to: Sales Assistant, Sales Coordinator, Sales Associate, etc.

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How to Enter

You may enter either online or by mail.

Online entrants:

Step 1: 
New Users: Create your account. Returning Users: Login to the entry portal
Step 2:
Select the Category you wish to enter
Step 3:
Submit magazine details (title, publication date, article title) for each entry.
Step 4:
Upload electronic artwork/synopsis doc for each entry.
Step 5:
Pay entry fee.

Most of the entry synopsis is open-ended. We want to hear how you, your team or the person you are entering best match the category criteria. When providing the information below, and under your category criteria, please describe why the nominee/team should win the award.

Please upload a 2- to 3-page synopsis with the following information:

  • Areas of Responsibility
  • Specific Sales or Sales Leadership Successes
  • Sales or Leadership Hurdles/Challenges Overcome
  • Description of your Best Client/Agency Relationships
  • For Hall of Fame describe nominees contributions to building the brand(s) over his/her career.

*If you choose to attach your synopsis in the entry form, please only attach your synopsis once.

Please include supporting materials such as client testimonials, urls/Web sites, print materials and marketing collateral, photographs, and other materials that will help the judges. Nothing needs to be sent by mail.

Deadlines/Entry Fees

Deadline: March 7, 2014 (midnight ET)
Late Deadline: March 27, 2014 (midnight ET)

Entries submitted after March 7, 2014, please add a $215 late fee per entry. Award winners (including Honorable Mentions) will be notified in May and honored in June 2014, during an awards ceremony at the Grand Hyatt NYC.

Entry Fees:
The price of each primary entry is $325. If you submit the same entry into multiple categories, the additional fee is $215 per category. There is a late entry surcharge of $215 per entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable.

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Judging Criteria

Salesperson Judging Criteria:

  • Set and exceeds goals
  • Customer relationship-builder
  • Has a successful and consistent sales record
  • Understands client business
  • Maintains agency/client contact – before, during and after the planning/buying season
  • Responsive to clients’ needs
  • Regularly bring new ideas to clients
  • Provides strong alternative recommendations to clients
  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Manages the “cost” hurdle as a partner
  • Understand and applies marketing prowess in sales

Sales Team Judging Criteria:

  • Above-par sales performance as a team for the year
  • Each salesperson contributed to outstanding sales results for the year
  • Each salesperson on the team has assisted colleagues at least once in the past year with a difficult sales challenge
  • Team leader is highly motivated and a great teacher
  • Team works collaboratively on client-centric programs
  • Team has introduced innovative and results-oriented ideas and programs for clients
  • There is a shared culture and mutual respect among team members

Sales Team Leader Judging Criteria:

  • Builds team spirit & shows sales leadership
  • Knows how to develop and reach strong prospects
  • Has helped others to become top sellers
  • Accessible to all levels of sales team
  • Regularly gets out into the marketplace to understand environment to sales people
  • Runs powerful and insightful sales meetings
  • Rewards sales excellence
  • Strong industry spokesperson for his/her company


What sorts of supporting materials are you looking for?

We need a short synopsis of why the nominee/team should receive an award. Please, no more than 3 pages long, and we want to hear how you, your team or the person you are entering best match the category criteria. Please reference the above Judging Criteria.

Who will be judging my entries?

We will have a distinguished panel of outside media experts and internal judges from our min staff. Your entries will be held in strict confidence.

Can I enter in multiple categories?

Yes. Please be sure to check off which categories you’re entering and tailor your synopsis to each category. There is an additional entry fee for each category you enter.

When and how will the winners be announced?

Finalists will be notified in May and honored in June 2014 during an awards ceremony in New York.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

To sponsor min’s Sales Executive of the Year Awards Breakfast in June, please contact Tania Babiuk at tbabiuk@accessintel.com.

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Contact Information

Questions? Please contact Marly Zimmerman at mzimmerman@accessintel.com or (301) 354-1703.