min's 2010 Best of the Web Awards

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Awards Timeline
Entry Deadline: December 3, 2010
Late Entry Deadline: December 10, 2010
Finalists Announced: Late January 2011

min's Best of the Web Awards are the industry's top honors in the digital space, recognizing outstanding Web sites and digital initiatives among consumer and b2b media companies. The awards will also salute the Digital Media People of the year along with the Hall of Fame. The awards are presented by media market intelligence leaders, min and min's b2b. The winners and honorable mentions will be honored at an awards breakfast in NYC in April 2011.

Who Should Enter?

This program is open to consumer & b2b media companies and online magazines and in some cases the third party providers and agencies that service those sites. Consumer and b2b submissions will be judged seperately within a given category.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Period for Campaign Categories:
To be eligible, the site, program or campaign must have taken place (either in part or full) over the last 12 calendar months (between December 1, 2009 and December 1, 2010). Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it's not necessary for it to be completed during the eligibility period. Your campaign/program can still be in progress in 2010 and beyond. Eligibility Period for People Categories: The achievements must have taken place in the past 12 months. Hall of Fame category is over a career with concentration on digital media achievements.

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  • Advertiser Program/Partnership - Honoring a media company's outstanding digital advertising/sponsorship programs for its clients, either one particular program or a series of programs that offer advertisers best-in-class marketing opportunities online.
  • Blog - Recognizing a magazine-branded blog written by a magazine staffer, this category will honor outstanding blogs that forward the brand's message, drive traffic and audience interest, and exploit the use of these new formats.
  • Contest/Online Games - Creative execution of a digitally based contest or game, demonstrating high engagement with core audience.
  • Community/Social Networking - Saluting a magazine web site for outstanding use of community building online and offering a robust social network online.
  • Design - Recognizing design excellence throughout the entire site.
  • Digital Magazine - Superior design, layout, editorial and functionality of a digital magazine.
  • Editorial Excellence - Overall - Excellence in written content of an site, including presentation of display text and management of user-generated content and outside links.
  • Editorial Excellence - Special Section - Excellence in written content of discrete section of a site—either permanent or temporary.
  • Email Newsletter/s - Recognizing superior use of an electronic newsletter to extend the magazine brand onto the email platform.
  • Guides/Reviews - Excellence in writing and presentation of product or content reviews or consumer-type guides; also honors high community interaction.
  • Integration with Print - Honoring the best cross-promotion and cross-pollination between print and online products.
  • Job Board - The winner in this category will be recognized for a job/career center that is the go-to site for job listings or postings and other unique features; is well-designed, tailored to its community, and provides outstanding ROI for the publisher.
  • Marketing Campaign - Recognizing an online or offline marketing initiative to promote a media company brand's Web site or other online initiative. This category is to recognize outstanding marketing efforts for a Web-related site or initiative. Campaign can include an integrated program that includes marketing of the Web site and other brand-related programs.
  • Microsite/Custom Website - Recognizing outstanding online special sections -- sponsored or not -- by a magazine Web site. Judges will consider content, design, positioning of sponsor/s (if applicable) and overall success (traffic and revenue) of this microsite.
  • Navigation/Structure - Elegance and ease of use of a site.
  • New Site - Honoring an outstanding new Web site among magazine brands, judges will base the winning site on editorial, design, navigation, and overall contribution to the community the site serves. Do not enter microsites in this category; this award is for a full-fledged new site.
  • Overall Digital Excellence - Recognizing consistent invention and execution of overall digital strategy, and establishment as a digital content leader.
  • Premium Content - Honoring the best subscription-based sites or areas of free sites where readers pay for content.
  • Redesign - Demonstrates a marked upgrade in design of a Web site without compromising core identity.
  • Relaunch - Total overhaul of a site, with added functionality and features, with positive audience reaction.
  • Smartphone Application - Free app - Media brand successfully translated to the smartphone platform; easy and clear access to content.
  • Smartphone Application - Paid app - Media brand successfully translated to the smartphone platform; easy and clear access to content; number of apps purchased taken into consideration.
  • Tablet Application - Free app - Outstanding launch, elegance of design and ease of use on the tablet platform, and evident leadership in pointing the way for other media brands. 
  • Tablet Application - Paid app - Outstanding launch, elegance of design and ease of use on the tablet platform (paid app).
  • Use of Photography - Quality of photography, integration with other content, creative user functionality.
  • Use of Social Media - Recognizing use of social media to extend a media brand, build audiences and seamless integration with other content.
  • Video: Magazine-Branded Show - This category is tailored to video programs presented by a magazine by its staff and offered on a magazine branded web site and/or other sites. The video can be sponsored/have advertising. Please provide link to the show, or a CD. Judges will look at quality of program, including content and video production, and the reception from the viewing community.
  • Video: Overall use of video - This category will take into consideration all video programming on a magazine site, whether it's advertiser video or magazine-branded shows. Provide links to the site and information on each programming, including target audience and viewer statistics.
  • Virtual Tradeshow or Online Event - Recognizing a magazine trade show or conference that is online-only (does not include Webinar-only programs but the trade show can include a Webinar component). Judged on ROI of conference and number of attendees, advertisers, content and creativity.

People Categories:

  • Digital Team of the Year - Honors a team that worked on a clearly defined and successfully executed digital project (launch/relaunch of a site, launch of a smartphone or tablet app, etc.).
  • Digital Hall of Fame - Inductees are digital veterans who have consistently anticipated the next wave of technology and have been leaders in the migration of magazines from print to digital.
  • Social Media Superstars - Individuals who have used social media and blogging to notably expand distribution of content and establish both a media brand and themselves with entirely new audiences.
  • Genius Award - Recognizes invention of unique magazine-branded digital content or magazine-branded experience.

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How To Enter

How To Enter Campaign Categories: (You can mail your entry or enter online.)

For each entry, provide a 2–3 page synopsis of your campaign that includes:

  • Goals & Objectives of Campaign/Initiative
  • Budget (all budget information is strictly confidential)
  • Time Period of Campaign/Initiative
  • Target Audience
  • Research
  • Strategy/Execution
  • Evaluation of Success/Results/ROI

How To Enter People Categories:

Please include up to a 3 page (not to exceed 2,000 words) summary of the digital media executives achievements related to the category he or she is being entered into. Also include a brief career bio and any supporting materials, such as testimonials, news coverage, etc. Be sure to justify why this person deserves award with tangible examples, ie sales goals met; traffic increase due to improved editorial content, etc.

Information For All Categories:
At the beginning of your 2–3 page synopsis, include the following information for all categories:

  • Category entered
  • Title of entry
  • Key contact for entry
  • Organization submitting entry

Supporting Materials For All Categories May Include:

  • Direct Web Addresses/URLs
  • Clippings
  • Photographs
  • Magazines
  • E-letters
  • Newsletters
  • Testimonials
  • Print-outs of Web pages

If You Are Mailing Your Entry, Please Send:

  • Three copies of our entry form (per category entered)
  • Ten copies of your synopsis (per category entered)
  • Five sets of supporting materials (per category entered)
  • Entry fee
Enter min's Best of the Web Awards


  • What sorts of supporting materials are you looking for?
    We need a short synopsis of your program or campaign. Please, no more than 3 pages long, and include why you think your site deserves to win in this category and back it up with as much “statistics” and feedback as possible, such as Web usage stats and reader feedback. Point us to the URLs that matter in our judging process, and relevant materials, such as several issues of your email newsletter, or marketing collateral and magazine that demonstrates your integration with print (if you’re entering that category).
  • What if we don’t have information on ROI?
    We are only looking for this information where applicable. For example, a specific campaign may have an ROI that underscores the success of that campaign. But the judges will not be judging Design, for example, on ROI.
  • Who will be judging my entries?
    We will have a distinguished panel of outside new media experts and internal judges from our min staff. Your entries will be held in strict confidence.
  • Can newspapers or broadcast sites enter?
    This program is only open to consumer & b2b magazine publishers and online magazines and in some cases the third party providers and agencies that service those sites.
  • Can I enter one site in multiple categories?
    Yes. Please be sure to check off which categories you’re entering and tailor your synopsis to each category. There is an additional entry fee for each category you enter.
  • When and how will the winners be announced? Finalists will be notified in late January and honored on April 2011 during an awards ceremony in New York.

Deadlines/Entry Fees

All entries must be postmarked or submitted online by Friday, December 3, 2010. Late entry deadline is December 10, 2010.

Entry Fees:
The price of each entry is $300. For entries postmarked or submitted online between December 4, 2010 and December 10, 2010, please add a $175 late fee per entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

To sponsor the Best of the Web Awards program, including the luncheon and special issue contact associate publisher Amy Abbey at 301-354-1629; aabbey@accessintel.com.

Contact Information

Please contact Senior Marketing Manager, Shadi Akhavan at (301) 354-1613; sakhavan@accessintel.com.


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