Starting New Businesses: Men vs. Women

By Amy Novak

Last night CNNMoney posted a story claiming that men are twice as likely to start a business as women. According to the annual Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, so few women started businesses in 2007, the number dropped to a 10-year low.

But the study does not take into account people who start businesses while employed at another business, something that almost every website entrepreneur is bound to do. And many women launched new websites last year, arguably just as many as men. is a newly-launched site for women that is business unit of Desha Productions, Inc., an entire media production company creating and developing Internet properties specializing in women, pop culture, and politics (Former Ladies Home Journal editor Myrna Blyth sits on the board). And Min’s story "Digital Content for Women: A Different Story?" lists several new websites/businesses launched by women for women. 

Kauffman’s exclusion of people who start businesses while retaining other employment is misleading, especially in the web space. Women (typically known for being multi-tasking champions) are launching sites at an incredible rate.