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TV Guide’s users embrace the complicated entertainment universe. According to the brand’s research, 95% of its users watch TV every day. Fifty-five percent are watching more streaming content this year than a year ago and 86% watch TV shows on their mobile devices. Sixty percent watch one to five hours of content per week on mobile. Content-discovery habits are also changing; 92% of users have discovered a new show after a few episodes or seasons have aired. Streaming and on demand video are driving much of this change.

Because of these changing consumer needs, TV Guide’s mobile application for iOS and Android is a one-stop, 24/7 TV companion. Watchlist builds on the TV Guide brand’s traditions of innovation and authority to provide overwhelmed consumers with a free, easy-to-use way to sort through what has become a complex entertainment ecosystem of subscriptions, devices, websites and services. In a simple interface, users add their favorite TV shows, actors, sports teams and movies to their Watchlists. TV Guide then tells users when and where they can watch their favorites—whether it’s on TV, online, on demand or on DVD—shares the latest news related to each and more.

To date, more than 2MM Watchlist users have added more than 15MM shows, movies, actors and teams. Furthermore, four seasons in a row, Watchlist additions correctly predicted TV hits. This actionable, high-quality social data has become extremely valuable to advertisers as well. has had a record-breaking 2014, with 19MM unique monthly users and 13.5MM mobile downloads (3MM monthly active users).


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