Shape Mag Gets Nearly 400K Entries from 2D Code Promo

By Steve Smith

Shape magazine got a 30th birthday surprise present from readers armed with cell phones as they flocked to activate 2D mobile codes in order to enter Shape’s 30th anniversary contest. Running in the November issue with almost 1,000 products up for grabs, the sweepstakes used Microsoft Tags throughout the issue to prompt entries. You had to scan to win a range of prizes, and the giveaway netted nearly 400,000 individual entries.

The project was conducted with partner Nellymoser, which lets users enter their vital registration information only once but enter for multiple contests. Sponsors only got information on users who entered to win their relevant product.

Shape’s is one of many magazine projects this year that try to tie printed media with interactivity via mobile. Meredith announced yesterday that it was making the use of Microsoft Tags standard across its titles starting in 2012. Glamour, Allure and other magazines have reported successful programs in recent months.