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minonline brings b2b and consumer publishers, advertising executives and brand marketers together in one online portal for strategic information and analysis affecting media brands, from magazines to online content. minonline makes it easy for you to visit one source for all your strategic needs in the media sector.

Your subscription to the min Network also includes the Media Industry Newsletter (min) which delivers the latest "min-sider" news to top publishers, advertising and media directors. min reports on the news, deals, trends and personnel moves shaping the consumer magazine publishing industry. Plus, min delivers boxscores with ad page counts for weeklies, monthlies and bi-monthlies and a circ analysis by market. You’ll also get the mergers & acquisitions scoreboard, with min’s expert analysis on the players and what their actions mean to your business.

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The weekly min newsletter delivering:

• Monthly, bimonthly, weekly, group publisher and five-year ad page and revenue consumer boxscores
• Specialized category and group publisher b2b boxscores
• Exclusive data for circulation, enthusiast, women's fashion and advertising reports
• Consumer and b2b Digital reviews
• The latest breaking news covered by industry expert Steve Cohn

Plus, exclusive access to providing:

• App Central – a one-stop source of mobile app reviews, data and analysis
• Industry resources and whitepapers written by blue chip editors
• Information on upcoming min industry events
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