SciAm Unites a Cosmos of Science Bloggers

By Steve Smith

Nature Publishing Group brand Scientific American is bringing together 60 blogs on scientific topics under its sites. The new blog network at features voices from around the world sharing stories about all things science-related. SciAm editor-in-chief (since January 2010) Mariette DiChristina calls the network “the start of a new, more expansive community of the science minded.”

The network is edited by Boris Zivkovic, already a prolific online science writer. He pens the “A Blog Around the Clock” posts. Zivkovic has recruited a range of voices, from graduate students to such seasoned pros as the Stevens Institute of Technology director of science writings. The network aspires to embrace many perspectives and personal takes on the topics at hand. The writers often focus on bridging science with other fields such as music, art, gender, race and literature.

Scientific American is helping to prime the pump of the new network with three new blogs: @Scientificamerican (notes from the SciAm newsroom); The Incubator (best student writing) and Network Central (highlights from the blog network).