Royal Records: 162M Page Day at

By Steve Smith

Who said no one cared about the Royal Wedding? The Internet cared! reports to minonline that its Friday traffic hit a staggering new record of 162 million page views. This more than doubles the amount of traffic received in February the day after the Academy Awards, which also set a record. In the run-up to the wedding itself, says it attracted 150 million page views to the dedicated portal page for the event during March and April. If you missed it, has shrunk the whole event into a handy two-minute review. Fellow Time Warner site reported 699 thousand live streams of the event served at its site. reports to minonline that on the wedding day April 29 and the day following, its site had 3 million visits and the week leading up to the big day was the most trafficked in site history. About half of the visits were coming from users new to the site. Search engines were a leading driver of traffic, as the editorial team broke several stories about the wedding details from London.

And so it went around the Web. Yahoo! says that its live video stream of the festivities across the pond beat out previous record-holder, the Michael Jackson funeral, by 21%. The portal clocked 40,000 page requests a second, which broke the previous record of requests coming in after the recent Japanese earthquake (33,000 per second). YouTube, the official stream source for the Wedding, had not issued a tally yet. Akamai, the service providers behind 20% of the Web’s streaming video, said that its page view traffic peaked on Friday at 5.4 million views a minute across the 100 sites it serves. It reports a peak of 2.9 million people were watching the live stream itself during the wedding. Facebook reports over 10 million comments on the Royal Wedding appeared on the social network during the day of the wedding.

When it comes to person-to-person messaging over SMS/MMS on cell phones, Sybase365 (a service for carriers), reported a 600% increase in daily messaging traffic in U.S. and U.K market for the wedding day.

More comprehensive reports of traffic and usage can be found at GigaOm,, and VentureBeat.


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