Rising Stars: Aydah Albaba’s Ambitions for New York Media’s Branded Content

Albaba is currently the company’s director of production, branded content.

FullSizeRenderFrom producing a six-part video series on liquid nitrogen experiments for Guinness Draught beer to nurturing friendships with some of the top stylists and models in the country, Aydah Albaba’s role as director of production, branded content, at New York Media has given her a breadth of experience that isn’t expected from most careers. And for someone who’s easily bored with routine, she picked the right job.

The 29-year-old tells us that she loves never knowing what to expect walking into and out of the office. On any given day, she’s either investing in production, facilitating the direction on-set, recommending content strategy for advertisers, managing talent contracts or negotiating budgets.

“I call it prioritizing the priorities,” Albaba says. “New York Media is such an informational yet fun experience and that same energy is translated over into our multi-dimensional brand marketing efforts.”

Recently, her team sat down with Instagram star Levi Jackman Foster. He creates thought-provoking photography dealing with the LGBTQ experience and, by sharing his art via social media, he’s ignited meaningful conversations and built a powerful virtual community. Albaba helped produce a video series on how being an internet persona works, and how online activism can be impactful right now.

Her first job in New York City was serving as a quality control analyst at Sony Music Entertainment. Her entire job was spent watching artist music videos on YouTube, and taking down those that infringe on our copyrights. She quickly started to notice and pick up on the product endorsements and brand integration subliminally inserted into the videos.

“I thought, I want to be on this side of the music industry—part of the marketing conversation,” she says. “I then transitioned to the Artist Relations & Brand Integration division of Sony Music Entertainment, and thus my career managing a diverse roster of artists, production, and strategic brand partnerships began.”

Over 2 years ago, Albaba began at New York Media as a project manager and has since had a hand in so much of the company’s brand marketing growth in that short time across luxury beauty, fashion, spirits, tech, entertainment and experiential categories. “I look forward to enhancing the production capabilities of our Brand Studio, producing effective visuals and storytelling appropriate for the advertiser, the subject, and most importantly our brand,” she says.

Today, New York Media has an audience of about 30 million monthly visitors across seven websites. Albaba says that with that comes a responsibility because “creating branded content is still ‘content’ that plays into responsible journalism in this age of alternative facts.”

She hopes to continue telling those stories while also providing the New York audience with targeted campaigns. And in the next few years, Albaba would also like to expand and spearhead the Brand Studio’s growth and presence domestically and internationally, managing all facets of its custom production through the New York Media lens.



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