Revisiting The Social Pros: Martha and Cosmo

Two magazine media brands prove that Twitter still has some engagement juice.

For our August analysis of social media activity among magazine brands we check in with some of the brands that pioneered ambitious social programs.

Remember when Martha Stewart was the queen of Twitter before it became a thing? When she pioneered exclusive longer-form video programming? Well the brand continues to go strong, with over 2.3 million Facebook followers for Martha Stewart Living and over 400k on Twitter. Stewart personally has nearly 4 million Twitter followers herself. Engagement was up considerably on both channels this August.

According to Digital Director Deanne Kaczerski, “the audience spent the summer entertaining and specifically looking for content around no-bake desserts, and cakes and salads that serve a crowd. Our audience was also very interested in technique-based tutorials around seasonal food, like ‘The Best Way to Crack Open a Coconut.’ Additionally, there is no time like summer to make home improvements and organize highly frequented storage spaces, like the pantry or linen closet, and she looked ahead to paint colors for 2018 projects.”

Another social perennial, Cosmopolitan, saw different content types win on diverse channels. editor Amy Odell tells min that a Fairy Makeup Tutorial video was the big summer hit, netting nearly 4 million video views on Facebook alone so far. But the most shares came from food content and news of the Spice Girls reunion. Entertainment content plays especially well on Twitter, but on Instagram pretty and uplifting images still win. Balloons rising around the Empire State Building and a relaxing beachscape both netted over 40k likes. But it is the funny text memes (boy: hi/me: I feel like you are lying, but ok) that prompt one to two thousand comments each.

Looking for organic growth in social? It is clear that the action will take place in mobile native channels that are still catching up with Facebook’s massive migration to devices, according to eMarketer’s latest projections. Interestingly, they see the wildly popular Instagram just running ahead of Snapchat. Just one in five in the U.S. (68.5 million) used Instagram last year, but that’s rising to 94.4 million in 2020, or 28.2% of the population. Meanwhile, Snapchat had 61.7 million, and will rise to 86.6 million in 2020. Snapchat seems poised to remain on Instagram’s heels for reach in the foreseeable future.


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