Reorg At Cygnus: Two Top Managers Dealt out of the Deck

By Jeremy Greenfield

Cygnus Business Media, a company under some scrutiny after a failed attempt by ABRY Partners to sell it last summer, continued on with the facelift began in August 2006 with the departure of Paul Mackler and the appointment of Carr Davis and Tony O’Brien to the positions of co-CEOs. Since Davis and O’Brien took over, the company has gone through some pretty major changes, hiring several people to top positions from outside the industry (Thomas Gensch, for one), and reshuffling top management and staff. The news leaked yesterday that more changes are happening.

Dave Davel is the new VP of publishing, answering to new president of the publishing division, Mike Marting, in the wake of Paul Bowers’ departure. Last April, we reported in min’s b2b on Martin’s promotion—click here for the full article and analysis.  In addition, Bob Stange, the SVP of custom marketing, will be leaving the company.

Under Davel and Martin, Cygnus will now staff five VPs whose duties are delineated by market focus; they will be known as brand directors and will divide Cygnus’ 15 different markets among them. Previously, Patrick Bernardo was group publisher of the law enforcement group. Gloria Cosby was publisher of Automatic Merchandiser and other properties. Shari Dodgen was publisher of The CPA Technology Advisor and other properties. Kris Flitcroft was group publisher of the construction group. And Patty Maroder was publisher of Firehouse Magazine.

More to come in this week’s min’s b2b, including an interview with co-CEO, Carr Davis.