Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler redefined its brand mission. And that meant a new approach to the web site. The new mission is about focus, distinction, and quality. needed to fulfill this mission in both design and function. The goal was to create an uncomplicated sense of purpose and it succeeded brilliantly. On all web sites, users struggle with the demands on their attention. This site reflects’s role as a curator, honing choices down to those that really matter, helping to clarify rather than complicate. Images are now more critical to Traveler’s brand voice than ever, mainly because they’re central to travel itself, and so the new site was built to enhance digital photo assets, allowing them to become an even important element in their storytelling. Since rolling out the new site,’s year-over-year traffic has significantly increased. In August of 2013 it was at 1.7 million monthly unique visitors with 20 million page views. Now it’s at 2.3 million uniques and 30 million page views.


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