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Serving the unique needs of our PR News subscribers, PRNewsOnline is the go-to online community for PR and communications professionals. In the subscriber-only sections of the site, you will find PDF and HTML issues of PR News, article archives, survey findings, industry research, and measurement strategies. Open access features of the site include daily stories, a career center, measurement tip sheets, award and event listings, PRPeeps Social netword as well as access to the industry resources targeted specifically to the needs of the communications professional.

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In these rapidly changing times, every day brings new challenges, concerns and opportunities to cable and broadband executives. In just minutes, CableFAX Daily provides timely and concise reporting of the industry's latest mergers and acquisitions, personnel changes, technology breakthroughs, programming choices, regulations and more. In addition to the premium content in CableFAX Daily, the team from CableFAX serves the cable community with a variety of services to help you stay abreast of the complex dynamics facing cable executives as well as opportunities to stay in the know among your peers and colleagues.

go to site is a super-site that gives cable management the big picture from politics and programming to technical deployment. It aggregates content from AI titles and produces a unique viewing experience, leading the category with the production of original video content. It is the home to the CableWorld, CableFAX Daily and Communications Technology web sites which have been re-designed for ease of use and finely tuned to the needs of cable executives in today's highly competitive market.

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ACCESS INTELLIGENCE is a leading worldwide information and marketing company that provides unparalleled business intelligence and integrated marketing solutions in nearly a dozen global market sectors. With a customer-centric culture dedicated to editorial excellence and marketing integrity, Access Intelligence serves business professionals worldwide with a portfolio of products, including magazines, newsletters, conferences, data products and e-media solutions. We deliver insight and intelligence when, how and where our customers want it in major market areas.

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Harvard Business Publishing
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University of Maryland, Baltimore
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Washington College
Chestertown, MD

University of Maryland
College Park, MD

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