Taste of Home’s redesign was a combination of art and science, rigorous research paired with well-defined goals, attention to detail combined with creativity. The project was initiated in 2013 in response to mobile traffic forecast. Subscription conversion rates and page views per visit from mobile devices were much lower than the desktop, indicating a significant impact on subscription and advertising revenue. Also, Google, which accounted for nearly 50% of traffic, began rewarding responsively designed sites with higher search rankings. The new responsive site design allowed alignment with print publication rebranding, and also ensured all site functions worked seamlessly across all devices; focused on translating the mobile experience into desktop (rather than vice versa); focused on enhancing user experience in key areas driving subscription revenue and advertising revenue. In addition, it created more natural integration points for consumer messaging and advertising. The results? 99 percent of pages are now redesigned to be responsive across all devices, unique visitors were up 57 percent year-over-year, and page views were 102 percent, outpacing visitor growth for the first time in the site’s history.


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