Real Simple, BHG and Martha Lead Mags On Pinterest

By Steve Smith

As everyone in the print industry has known since fall last year, Pinterest was a social network tailor made to highlight the strengths of women’s service books. Any network that trades in the social exchange of images simply virtualizes an analog ritual that has been going on for a century: tearing pages from image-rich magazines. And so it was not surprising that Pinterest soon became one of the key drivers of social media refers for a number of the books in lifestyle, cooking, crafts and beauty.

But the news is even better than that. Not only is Pinterest good for magazines. But magazines are leaders in Pinterest. According to social media analytics firm ZoomSphere, magazines occupy more than 15 of the 50 most followed commercial entities on the image network.

The chart below pulls from ZoomSphere’s the magazine brands as they are ranked among the Aug. 7 survey of the 50 most followed commercial brands.

3. Real Simple (149,863 Followers)
4. Better Homes and Gardens (144,097)
9. Martha Stewart Living (76,410)
18. Country Living (43,022)
19 Women’s Health (40,932)
21. Shape (38.763)
27. Cooking Light (31,189)
28. InStyle (30,796)
30. Eating well (28,978)
33. (28,166)
34. Southern Living (28,091)
37. Taste of home (24,545)
41. All You (20,220)
42. Epicurious (19,464)
44. Brides (17,668)
45. People (17, 252)
49. Whole Living (15,969)

As most of the Pinsterested already know, “followers” are not always the best indication of a brand’s presence or power on the social network. The degree to which a brand is pinned and re-pinned by others is at least as important a metric. Nevertheless as Pinterest becomes more of a destination experience for users, then “following” is indicative in some way of a brand’s overall activity and reputation for interesting pins omn the network.