People Mag Gets Royally ‘Appy’ on Facebook and iPad

By Steve Smith

People magazine has a longstanding and highly profitable relationship with the British royal family. Weddings, princesses and scandals from the famous clans across the pond have sold millions of issues of the leading celebrity magazine over the years. And so as Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare for their modest little ceremony, the brand is exploiting all of the latest app platforms as ways to engage their readers in the frenzy. Launching today (April 11) on the popular People Facebook page is the “Royal Tribute: Be Part of the Magic" app in which users can get their own personalized royal stamp.

The app lets user choose from a range of classic British royal postage stamp styles and upload their own digital photo to blend in with the image. You can save the stamp and post and share with your social network. The app will be available through May 1. It was designed in partnership with social media marketing firm SocialTyze and software provider Friend2Friend. People has over 1 million fans to its Facebook page.

On another app platform, People has also released recently the Royals Book App for $7.99 in the iPad App Store. The app is based on the older newsstand book, The Royals: Their Lives, Loves and Secrets, which was recently updated. In addition to re-purposed content from the book, the iPad app has interactive galleries, images of royal tiaras and hats, as well as a guide to the cast of characters behind castle walls. And of course, has an extensive standing package of news and retrospectives online that will lead up to comprehensive coverage on the big day.