Overall Digital Excellence



Glamour.com had a well defined objective for 2014: Capture the conversations women have on a regular basis, about fashion and beauty and the world beyond, and reflect them in a timely and accurate way on Glamour.com. And Glamour.com met that objective using technology, analytics, and careful editing to cultivate a unique mix on matters that range broadly, from the best boots for fall to the kidnapped girls of Nigeria. The site updates 40 times a day, and editors masterfully use all the tools in their arsenal to engage the audience—from Facebook and Snapchat takeovers to live-tweeting awards shows and crowdsourcing best-dressed lists through reader polls. The user experience is extraordinary. This year alone, Glamour.com redesigned its blog post pages, adopted a modern Web app architecture, and improved performance so that pages load in three seconds on average. More than that, mobile constitutes 60 percent of traffic, so Glamour.com created smartphone-friendly features to help readers find and share stories easily. With 8.5 million monthly unique visitors online, and 11 million fans and followers on all social platforms, Glamour.com offers a 360-degree perspective on the reader’s life.


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