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Travel + Leisure

audience is engaged and immensely well-traveled. Tapping into the digital generation’s passion for sharing travel experiences, T+L turns frequently to its social following to learn about their experiences, opinions, and aspirations. The result is a robust, engaged community centered around the joys of travel.

From weekly Twitter chats to constant requests for crowdsourced content has become a vital brand asset that keeps the community engaged and engenders further participation.

It’s also allowed the group to learn about it’s audience. T+L closely monitors social analytics to determine the ideal posting frequency across all channels (in total, T+L posts around 140 times per day), the best content to feature, and the best time of day to post. And they listen carefully to our various social audiences to understand what they are looking for and when—and how they differ from each other. They’ve learned, for instance, that while T+L’s Instagram followers love beautiful cityscapes, beaches, and food, our Twitter followers respond well to news and travel strategies.


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