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Top 5 Magazine Vodcasts You Have to See

Friday, January 16, 2009

At the risk of receiving even more snarky notes about the podcasts he “must have missed—amazingly,” Digital Media Editor Steve Smith returns to the iTunes library this week in search of video counterparts to last week’s list of must-hear magazine podcasts. As this month’s Consumer Electronics Show demonstrated (see Steve’s commentary here), every gadget imaginable will be ready to receive all of that costly digital video publishers now pour online. What is worth watching on the big screen on your connected TV or even on the SUV’s drop-down LCD screen?

1. Make Magazine: Where else can a guy get detailed instructions for making a burrito cannon? These how-to clips are amazingly appealing, even to those of us who can’t figure out how a wrench works.

2. Cook’s Illustrated: Imagine the guys from Make Magazine, but with no sense of humor, in a kitchen. These guys give you the most painstakingly detailed instructions for searing steak we have ever seen. They even bring a ruler to the task.

3. The Onion News Network: These guys are funnier on video than audio, with a fully realized mock news staff and some of the best social satire anywhere. So good, they made it into a DVD worth watching.

4. Vogue.TV: All of the Condé magazine video series have polished production values, but Vogue.TV really leverages the magazine’s position in the industry. The clips are instructive and often feature genuinely thoughtful fashion explanations from top designers. This is what a legendary brand can bring to the Web party.

5. AdAge Video: Including the daily 3 Minute AdAge review of news, this series has superb industry interviews and clips from recent panels and conferences. It is well-written and among the few vodcasts that is well-promoted at the main site.

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