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Tablet Ads Outperform Print

Thursday, January 19, 2012

You can tap them, you can play them, you can swipe them. You can reorient your tablet and completely rearrange them. All of the cool tricks that the tablet platform has to offer really do pay off for advertisers, Affinity says. After polling responses to over 4,000 tablet magazine ads Affinity managing director Tom Robinson tells TabTimes that responses to the ads are much higher on tablets than on print. In the basic metric of ad recall, tablet ads score higher. In the “net action” scores, which measure taking some action as a result of the ad, the interactivity of the tablet of course leads to much higher response.

Creativity matters when it comes to ad effectiveness. The ads that require or invite the user to reorient the tablet for a different experience deliver the best response. The inclusion of video and slideshows also inspires user action. Robinson admits that it remains unclear how much the tablet’s superior performance in ad impact is a result of the novelty of the platform and how much will last over time.

In its broad study of magazine branded digital content last fall, Affinity found that 35 million consumers now engage magazines in digital device formats, up 6.2% in six months. Among those accessing magazines by digital means 52% click or tap on links that provide more information and 36% tap or click on an advertised product.

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Just curious as to how much these stats translate into actual sales and not just looking?
Posted by Catherine on Thursday, January 19, 2012 @ 01:54 PM

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