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'The Week' Raises Its 2012 Rate Base to 525,000

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Week, the synopsis of news from domestic and international media that has been well received since its April 2001 launch, will increase its 2012 rate base from the present 510,000 to 525,000. This continues The Week's steady growth. Back in 2005, the guarantee was 300,000.

The Week president (since March 2009) Steven Kotok tells minonline that the subscription gain is natural. "Our #1 source of new subscriptions is our current subscribers turning on their friends, families, and colleagues to The Week. Not only is this a rewarding validation of our efforts editorially, but The Week's subscribers know better than any computer model or mailing list who else will enjoy [our] sophisticated blend of multiple perspectives. And their evangelism of our editorial product doesn't just drive The Week's growth, but it is the most cost-effective way to gain new subscribers in the business and contributes to [our] ongoing strength."

Nearly all of The Week's 525,234 circulation in first-half 2011 (per the Audit Bureau of Circulations' Fas-Fax) was subscription, and Kotok says that the $38.91 average price is +43.6% versus $27.09 in 2007.

Credit goes to the leadership: Kotok, publisher (since April 2009) Jessica Sibley, founder Felix Dennis (the U.S.The Week is based on his British model) and founding editor-in-chief Bill Falk.

Credit also goes to Kotok's 2002-2007 predecessor Justin Smith, whose success led Atlantic Media Co. chairman David Bradley to hire him as president because, Bradley told Adweek (Sept. 26), "Nobody had ever heard of The Week before, and they were stealing market share from us."    

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