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Edited by the beauty team at Glamour, is Condé Nast’s first digital-first spin-off. Through gorgeous imagery, influential writers and a passion for its subject matter, aims to be the beauty site that inspires readers to action. Whether she is looking for a how-to for a new hairstyle, refreshing her signature lipstick color, or tweeting a new skin care tip, the reader is encouraged to not just read about trends but also try them and share them.

Because more than half of Glamour’s existing beauty audience is coming in via mobile and tablet, the group conducted extensive mobile design testing pre-launch. The process heavily influenced the site’s range of mobile-first features, tailored to leverage the utility of a mobile device. An “Ideas” drawer in the top right-hand corner lets readers quickly find photos of hairstyles, hair colors, and manicure ideas on the go; articles can be “hearted” just like photos on Instagram; headlines are smartphone-friendly; stitched scrolling easily leads to the next story.

Lipstick’s range of daily posts differs from what one might expect from a typical beauty site. Yes, the editorial team certainly deconstructs makeup looks with the best of them, and we’re among the first to break news about the latest celebrity haircuts. But our writers stand out from the beauty pack by also offering their own engaging, pro-woman take on beauty issues.

So far, it’s delivered on the company’s high expectations. In the six months since its birth in April, has grown rapidly, reaching an audience of 1.8 million monthly unique visitors.


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