New Political Magazine Available Exclusively via Ebook  


Tribune Media Services (TMS), the content syndication and licensing division of Chicago-based Tribune Company, will launch a new weekly political commentary magazine called Opinionated: Voices and Viewpoints on America and the World. Amazon Kindle eBook is the exclusive provider of the new magazine but TMS will retain complete editorial control over the content. Opinionated is essentially a content aggregator, drawing its material from columnists syndicated by TMS, including ten Pulitzer prize winners and two Nobel Laureates. The content will range from social issues, to world affairs to economics.

Steve Tippie, the magazine’s publisher and editor as well as TMS VP of marketing and licensing told min, "We syndicate over 60 commentators to various media companies around the world and 27 of them are political. Why not provide them all in one place, especially since the election is coming up?"

The cost of the digital magazine is $.49 an issue and $1.49 monthly. TMS is currently working with Amazon on several other magazines using the same model. Tippie told min to look for a pop culture publication to be announced in the next few weeks.