The Studio at Condé Nast and Wired – The Curse of Oak Island

The History Channel turned to Condé Nast Media Group and the advertising department of WIRED to bring its real world treasure-hunt-gone-bad to life.

The group sought to create an immersive sponsor-content site targeted toward an influential audience of adventurous, tech-savvy viewers that would spark interest, raise compelling questions and leave them on the edge of their seats, wanting to know more. Because WIRED readers tend to be particularly sophisticated about site navigation and structure, this aspect of the experience had to be superlative.

An immersive parallax experience allowed users to virtually lower themselves from ground level on Oak Island down into the 110-foot pit that has promised treasure— and delivered peril—since 1795. Seamless scrolling offered users a means to move between the background and foreground imagery, providing the illusion of depth, along with a haunting soundtrack. As they continued scrolling, users were able to break through each layer of the Oak Island dig revealing the items found at each stage. At each level, explanatory copy complemented jaw-dropping graphics, providing users with insights on the complex, seemingly mystical history behind The Curse of Oak Island. A surprise plot twist delighted the senses for a suspenseful end to the virtual tour,

The Curse of Oak Island site kept thousands of users enthralled for longer than the average editorial content on The site received approximately 16,000 page views per week. And around 20 percent of those visitors have been extraordinarily engaged, scrolling through to the end of the experience and spending nearly 6:00 minutes within the project.


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