MPA’s CMO Jung Departs

By Steve Smith

After only a year on the job, the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) chief marketing officer Andrew Jung is calling it quits. The former executive from Kellogg Co. has left the trade organization Adweek reports. Jung was hired in August 2010 as the magazine association tried to re-brand itself from its longtime identity as the Magazine Publishers Association and to reiterate the value of magazine media to advertisers. The MPA told Adweek it was initiating a search for a new CMO.

Prior to joining the MPA, Jung had worked as senior director advertising and media for Kellogg. He also worked Disney, Nabisco and Warner Bros.

Jung was part of an upper level reorganization of the MPA over a year ago. He was hired along with Francis R. Costello, who was named EVP general manager, and Christopher Kevorkian, EVP Digital.