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1. Introducing Magazine Media 360: The MPA's New Four-Platform Measurement Metric
From October 1, 2014
2. Cosmopolitan Assumes Editorial and Business Control of Seventeen
From September 29, 2014
3. What Works in 2014 Marketing Campaigns? Transparent Reporting, Engagement and, Ultimately, Conversions
From October 1, 2014
4. Meet the Winner of Siempre Mujer's First Cover Contest
From October 1, 2014
5. Wired Named min's Marketing Team of the Year (And 26 Others Honored at Integrated Marketing Awards)
From September 23, 2013
6. Bill Gates Tops, Dan Gilbert Stars, in the 2014 'Forbes Richest Americans'
From September 30, 2014
7. Will The New iPad Display Put Digital Mags On A Crash Diet?
From March 12, 2012
8. James Oseland Leaves Saveur to Edit Rodale's Relaunched Organic Life
From August 25, 2014
9. Time Inc. Group Editor Sid Evans Adds Southern Living Editor-in-Chief
From April 14, 2014
10. Time's 'Bitter Pill' Wins min's 'Single Magazine Issue' Editorial & Design Award
From November 18, 2013
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