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1. Magazine Media 360° December 2014 vs. December 2013
From February 2, 2015
2. Previewing American Magazine Media Conference 2015: Berner at Day...And the National Magazine Awards at Night
From February 2, 2015
3. Commentary: Meredith Rises and AMI Recedes With the Acquisition of Shape
From January 28, 2015
4. James Oseland and Ellen Carucci Build the 'Organic Life' Staff
From February 2, 2015
5. Tim O'Connor Named Publisher of the Meredith-owned 'Shape'
From January 28, 2015
6. Ross Gagnon Named Forbes Insights Research Director
From February 2, 2015
7. Joe Clemente Is TV Guide Chief Financial Officer
From February 2, 2015
8. John Judis Joins National Journal as Senior Writer
From February 2, 2015
9. Connie Anne Phillips Is 2014 Condé Nast 'Chief Revenue Officer of the Year'
From January 29, 2015
10. Julia Fry hired as 'O' Associate Publisher of Advertising
From February 2, 2015
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