Most Engaged Media Brands: ELLE


Psst…have you seen where ELLE has been spotted lately? Probably wherever fashion-conscious women have been. The chic and legendary brand may represent haute couture, but it is fully accessible to women everywhere: in

ELLE editor-in-chief Roberta Myers is flanked by actresses Anne Hathaway and Isla Fisher at ELLE’s 15th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute held Oct. 6, 2008 in Los Angeles.

print, online, on mobile, on-air and in stores. The brand has gone far beyond the usual companion site online with major projects that speak directly with women, not just at them. Clearly, the strategy has worked, as the ELLE brand expanded its reach to attract and engage a much larger audience in the past year. The Fall A to Zee guide online lets users peruse fashion in a seamless environment that attracted more than 400,000 visitors, double ELLE’s goals. The site grew its base 800% last year, fueled in part by an ambitious new e-newsletter strategy that landed the brand daily into more than 1 million users’ in-boxes.

ELLE brand loyalists know that the magazine closes the loop for them online, giving them one-click access to retail and advertiser opportunities at every turn. And off the print and digital platforms, ELLE is moving aggressively to become a surround-sound brand experience. The Stylista TV series on The CW featured the magazine’s creative director Joe Zee, and fashion news director Anne Slowey, with the winner of the reality show becoming an ELLE editor. And at retail, in more than 1,000 Kohl’s stores, ELLE is not only present at the point of sale, it is the point of the sale. The ELLE Contemporary Collection makes runway style affordable. ELLE has carved out a corner of its readers’ hearts as it becomes engaged in making fashion more accessible to all. —Steve Smith

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