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Video Program (Online)

Grandma’s Tattoo: AARP.org

Grandma’s Tattoo: AARP.org

The importance of family bonding is top of mind for a large portion of the AARP constituency. The art of capturing that feeling of connectedness can be tricky, but “Grandma’s Tattoo” perfectly conveys the spirit of a family reunion in all its glory.

In “Grandma’s Tattoo,” when the Harples family finds itself struggling to find a time for a family gathering because the family is scattered around the globe, several women in the family decide to get a tattoo of a small anchor to symbolize their deep connection to sailing.

The ensuing story of the grandma getting her tattoo is an endearing tribute to family bonding rituals that elicits both smiles and tears. Pass the tissue.

Honorable Mention:

  • Disappearing River: Radio Free Asia
  • GP Originals: Hacking, Freedom, and YOU!: GamePro.com
  • Terry Harrington: Wrongly Accused: Sports Illustrated

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