min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Single Magazine Issue



Single Magazine Issue (Editorial Print)

  • Residential Lighting – April 2011: Residential Lighting (b2b winner)
  • Travel+Leisure: November 2010 Issue: Travel+Leisure (consumer winner)

Residential Lighting – April 2011: Residential Lighting (b2b winner)

With a goal of, ahem, illuminating its 10,000 regular lighting designer and retailer readers, plus additional takers at a major trade show, the April Lightfair issue of Residential Lighting was as strong on the subject matter as it was on packaging and design.

Critical to the issue’s success was balancing fresh approaches to familiar topics. In this case, much of the content was devoted to LED technology.

“Each feature offered a fresh approach that made the information easily digestible, even when it was highly technical,” says Laura Van Zeyl, publisher and editorial director.

Travel+Leisure: November 2010 Issue: Travel+Leisure (consumer)

Pack your bags. The perennial question of where to vacation for the holidays – gloriously answered nine times over with enticing snapshots from Maui to Provence to Charleston – plus illuminations about 22 iconic “Trips of a Lifetime” and an insightful look at Theodore Roosevelt, the most well-traveled American President in the pre-jet age, soar from the pages of Travel + Leisure ‘s November 2010 issue thanks to poignant editorial and vivid images.

In a year of recession coupled with hotel, airline and cruise price-hikes, passenger rights controversies and unwelcome TSA pat-downs, Travel + Leisure not only continued its tradition of melding intelligent, entertaining narrative with insightful trend-spotting and sweeping photography – it raised the bar.

This issue spans the gamut from the sublime – portraits of New Orleans by Thomas Beller and Shanghai by Adam Sachs – to the practical: an assessment of the best and worst airlines and airports, and in doing so addresses both the wants and needs of its broad audience.

Honorable Mention:

  • 100th Anniversary Issue: The Rotarian
  • AARP The Magazine, May/June 2011: AARP The Magazine
  • Food Network Magazine July/August: Food Network Magazine
  • The No. 1 Issue: Golf Magazine
  • Special Report: The End of Bin Laden: TIME

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