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Single Article (Editorial Print)

  • Even More Lessons from Famously Bad Estate Planning: InsuranceNewsNet Magazine (b2b winner)
  • What Stands In a Storm: Southern Living Magazine (consumer winner)

Even More Lessons from Famously Bad Estate Planning: InsuranceNewsNet Magazine (b2b winner)

What do deceased celebrities Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, John Denver and Steve McNair have in common? They were all disastrous at estate-planning.

Given that estate-planning is one of those notoriously touchy topics, InsuranceNewsNet.com went Hollywood as a means of providing financial professionals with an ice-breaker on the subject that was both eye-catching and expressed the urgency of estate planning.

Writer Steven A. Morelli’s latest in-depth probe into the mistakes that nine notables (there’s also Redd Foxx, Gary Coleman, Elizabeth Edwards, Walter Cronkite and Robert H. Brooks) made in their planning–or lack thereof–includes details about critical errors made along the way, and the unfortunate tangle of repercussions for their survivors that ensued.

What Stands In a Storm: Southern Living Magazine (consumer)

Although homes, gardens, food and travel are the core of the Southern Living brand, the magazine eschewed its comfort zone to share a different kind of southern hospitality after the devastating tornado ripped through Alabama in April.

The staff quickly assembled a moving 50-source, 5,000-word editorial package including an essay by Pulitzer Prize-winning contributor and Tuscaloosa resident Rick Bragg that canvassed disaster zones and shared timeless stories of hope and kindness.

“This story presents a comforting reminder that the things that seem to tear our world apart also reveal what holds us together. And that resonated with our readers,” says travel editor Kim Cross, who edited the story and received more than 100 letters.

“They appreciated the heartwarming angle—the focus on the good things that come from the bad—in a time of so much bad news.” That’s what we call Southern comfort.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Everybody Knows Somebody: Working Mother Magazine
  • Inside Apple: FORTUNE
  • Full Nets, Empty Oceans: SELF Magazine
  • Wide Awake and Under the Knife: SELF Magazine

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