min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Print/Online Coverage of a Single Topic



Print/Online Coverage of Single Topic (Editorial Print)

  • The Aviation Issue: Executive Travel (b2b winner) 
  • The Heart Attack You’re About to Have…: Prevention Magazine (consumer winner)

The Aviation Issue: Executive Travel (b2b winner)

Executive Travel readers spend lots of times on airplanes, so offering something unexpected both in breadth and depth is was the key to this issue taking flight.

“Hiring writers with a strong background in aviation journalism meant they knew the foundation our readers already had, as well as where to go for the depth,” says Nancy Branka, managing editor. “Using respected sources was also essential.”

The issue addressed the No. 1 thing on flyers’ minds, safety in “Safe Travels,” and had fun with such topics as airline loyalty programs–also extremely important to readers–by highlighting the crazy things some people will do for miles in "Crazy for Miles."

“This had an element of playfulness so it was a fun read, but it also included tips and strategies that the reader could put to use,” Branka says. “One reader even held up the Aviation issue and recommended it when speaking during an event about loyalty programs.”

The Heart Attack You’re About to Have…: Prevention Magazine (consumer)

Getting people to focus on a well-documented topic is tricky. Prevention found a fresh way to present material on heart health that really captured readers’ attention.

Combining easily digestible knowledge about seven life-saving tests many readers likely were unaware of with stories of real women who didn’t realize they were at risk until they ended up in the ER, Prevention editor-in-chief Diane Salvatore says that the stories of women who didn’t recognize their symptoms resonated most strongly with readers.

“After reading our special section, they went to their doctors and demanded more tests and more attention–and lives were saved in the process.”

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Civil War: Parade
  • Strategies: Air Travel Report: Travel+Leisure
  • Women’s Cancer Handbook: SELF Magazine

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