min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Photojournalism



Photojournalism (Editorial Print)

  • Polio’s Moving Target: The Rotarian (b2b winner) 
  • "I was Bullied Because…": People magazine (consumer winner)

Polio’s Moving Target: The Rotarian (b2b winner)

A bold and extremely personal look at the current landscape of polio eradication, “Polio’s Moving Target” turns readers into eyewitnesses to the disease’s stealthy reach via a collection of gripping photos.
“Each photograph was chosen based on its particularly arresting perspective of exaggerated camera angles, depth of field, and clever use of natural framing,” says Rotarian editor-in-chief John Rezek.
Nowhere is this more salient than in the opening photo, shot from ground level, which depicts polio-afflicted legs towering above readers’ view.

“The skill of good photojournalism starts with the ability of the photographer to assess the event. The aesthetic of great photojournalism is in the ability of the photographer to empathize with the organic and candid beauty of the shot,” Rezek notes.

"I was Bullied Because…": People Magazine (consumer)

There’s no better way for a story to resonate than by connecting a face with a name. In its bid to show the universality of the bullying experience, People personalized the issue by showcasing photos of an array of teens of all walks of life who share brief words about why they were bullied. The photos, as dramatic as they are stark, call attention to both the seriousness of this universal problem and to editorial about the emotional fallout and the possible solutions to bullying. “Given the current climate, where information and images are thrust constantly at an over-stimulated and overwhelmed audience, photojournalism is as important and relevant as ever,” says People PR manager Amanda Williamson.

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