min’s 2011 Editorial & Design Awards: Opinion/Commentary



Opinion/Commentary (Editorial Print)

  • Kenyans and Triathlon: Competitor Group (consumer winner)
  • The Case for Staying Put: The Rotarian (b2b winner)

Kenyans and Triathlon: Competitor Group (consumer)

As Inside Triathlon editor-in-chief Courtney Baird tells us, “A stellar opinion piece is often written by an author who has taken the unlikely or unpopular point of view.”

Such was the case when IT contributing editor Matt Fitzgerald delved into the frequently asked question of when Kenyans, believed by many to be genetically superior endurance athletes, might begin to dominate in triathlon, which requires many of the same skills as distance running.

Culling from extensive research and his own very educated opinion–he’s written 17 books and hundreds of articles on endurance sports–Fitzgerald vehemently disagrees with this claim and makes the case why Kenyans wouldn’t dominate triathlon even if they wanted to.

The Case for Staying Put: The Rotarian (b2b winner)

What makes an engaging opinion piece? “One that’s controversial enough to disrupt traditional wisdom without alienating readers or losing its integrity,” says John Rezek, editor-in-chief of The Rotarian. “With Joe Queenan, we get a distinct personality and a writer who’s not afraid to go to, or over, the edge.”

Indeed. While travel and culture are synonymous with the core values of Rotary, Queenan’s piece questions the ways in Rotary members approach these values.

“His contrarian view is well-written enough that it provoked readers to write equally well-reasoned responses, even if they disagreed—and in most cases they did, vociferously.”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Calvin Broadus against cybercrime: SC Magazine
  • Point After: Mixed Messages: Sports Illustrated
  • The Allure of the Casual: Travel+Leisure